Arrival of Europeans in India

1. When did Portuguese conquered Goa? 


2.Queen of England was crowned as empress of India in 


3._____ Initially it was formed to trade with East Indies but at last its trade was limited to china and Indian subcontinent


4.When under the leadership of La Bourdonnais, French conquered ____. Then the first Carnatic war was fought 


5.East India company was granted by English Royal charter by queen Elizabeth I on 31 december ___


6.Britisher’s had captured Punjab in 


7.In year ___ Britishers signed the peace agreement with Odisha’s Khonds?


8.Who was the ruler of India at the inception of East India company?


9.Which fort was constructed by the first Portuguese viceroy in 1505?


10. Several wars were fought between British and India to increase their control in India but which of the following war was not included in them


11.Fort William is situated on the banks of which river?


12.Before the rule of East India company, India used to export soft clothes made of which fabric?


13.British East India company established itself during ____ in India


14.British East India company was also known by


15.Which of the following movement played an important role in the ending the Portuguese rule?


16.In 1600___ empowered the British East India company to set up trade post in india


17.When did the Vasco-da-Gama came to India?


18.Before independence, which one of the following was not French colony?


19.In which century the portuguese traders came to Goa?


20.European traders arrived near which Indian city with the portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498?


21.Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama first came to India via which sea route?


22.In 1662 Portugal had gifted which Indian city to the British king Charles II as a part of the dowry of sister of the king of Portugal


23.Which was the first fort built by the Britisher’s?


24.Where is the cape of Good Hope?


25.Arabian merchants had exported Indian goods through Red sea and Mediterranean port in ___ countries. 


26.In year ___ Vasco-da Gama was the first European who came to India Via sea route


27.East India company was formed in ___ by English Royal charter received from queen Elizabeth I?


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