tnpsc unit 6 and 7

TNPSC UNIT 6 and 7

TNPSC UNIT 6 and 7 UNIT-VI: INDIAN ECONOMY (i) Nature of Indian economy –Five-year plan models – an assessment – Planning Commission and Niti Ayog. (ii) Sources of revenue – Reserve Bank of…

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tnpsc unit 4


TNPSC UNIT 4 UNIT – IV: HISTORY AND CULTURE OF INDIA (i) Indus valley civilization – Guptas, Delhi Sultans, Mughals and Marathas – Age of Vjiayanagaram and Bahmani Kingdoms – South Indian history…

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tnpsc unit 3 and 5

TNPSC UNIT 3 and 5

TNPSC UNIT 3 and 5 TNPSC UNIT 3: GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA With page number Social book (i) Location – Physical features – Monsoon, rainfall, weather and climate – Water resources – Rivers in…

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tnpsc unit 1


  TNPSC UNIT 1 GENERAL SCIENCE:  with page number Physics : (i) Scientific Knowledge and Scientific temper – Power of Reasoning – Rote Learning Vs Conceptual Learning – Science as a tool to understand…

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