Marathas Independent states Colonial economy

1.In the era 1660’s, Shivaji used __ tactics and military strategies to lead a series of attacks.


2.Shivaji was born in which one of the following fort?


3.___ had appointed a council of eight ministers which was named ‘Ashtapradhan’ the supreme head of civil government


4.Third battle of Panipat took place in the year


5.Who fought to Ahamad Shah Abdali in third Battle of Panipat?


6.The Treaty of Salbai was signed in __, which settled the first Anglo-Maratha war?


7.Maratha’s were lost their power in ___ by being defeated from Ahamad Shah Abdali?


8.The Treaty of Bassein was signed in which year?


9.What was the name of Maharana Pratap horse?


Independent States ( Mysore, Bengal, Punjab, Awadh)


10. Battle of Plassey was fought on ?


11.Battle of Plassey and Buxar established the British rue over the __


12.Under whom leadership the Battle of Plassey was fought by the Britishers?


13.The Battle of Plassey took place on which river bank?


14.Murshid Quil Khan declared himself as Nawab of Bengal and shifted his capital from Dhaka to ____


15.Hyder Ali signed the Treaty of Madras with Britishers in which they both agreed to help each other against their common enemy__


16.___ was the largest feudal states before India’s independence.


17.Third Anglo-Mysore war was ended by which treaty?


18.____ is one of the largest palace in India. which is also known as Amba Vilas and it was also the official residence of Wadiyar Dynasty 


19.In which city Tipu sultan mosque is located?


Colonial Economy


20. British had divided the territories in India into province. Bengal, Bombay and Madras were called as


21.In 1853, the first rail route was opened for the journey from___


22.In which of the following Indian states the first passenger train was started? 


23.Where was India’s first jute mill established before independence?


24.Before the champaran Satyagraha the farmers of champaran used to adopt the Panch Kathiya system in which ___ were sown in  katthas out of Bigha’s land


25.____was introduced in Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha by lord Cornwallis


26. In 1793,____ was introduced in Bengal, Bihar and Odisha


27.___ was introduced in 1830 in central province(UP), Madhya Pradesh and some part of Punjab


28.Ryotwari system was introduced in _____ 


29.Ryotwari system was introduced in ___ and Madras


30.___ has introduced Izaredari system, where right of collecting land revenue was auctioned to the highest bidder for  years.


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