Physics topic1 Measurement


1. 1 atmosphere =?


2. 1 horse power is equal to


3. 1 Diopter is equal to


4. What does a meter equal ?


5.Lux is the S.I unit of 


6. 1 kWh = ?


7. 1 KW=?


8. 1 kilowatt is equal to?


9. 5.5 kWh =?


10. 5.6 kWh = ?


11. 1 Newton=?


12. 1 Nano meter = ?


13.1 coulomb/1s=?


14.Picometer = ?


15. 1 Joule=?


16. A particular household has consumed 100 unit of energy during 5 days. How much energy is this converted to Joule. 


17. what is 746 watt called ?


iii) Measuring Instrument


18. Which device is used in submarines to see things above the level of the sea?


19. Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure?


20. Which device is used to see the sun?


21.Which of the following is used to detect current in a circuit?


22. The instrument used to determine the rotation speed of a shaft is called


23.Potentiometer basically


24. From which device is the electric current measured?


25.Ammeter is


26.what does stalagmometer used to measure ?


27. Odometer is an instrument which is used in motor vehicle for measuring 


28. Which of the following measuring instrument is area meter?


29. Tachometer is used for measuring 


30.Tachometer is used for 


31. Multimeter consist of 


32. What is false about Richter scale?


33. Instrument used for measuring density of liquid is


34.which instrument is used for discovering the things in water?


35.Echolocation in ships is used for measuring 


36.which instrument is used for measuring density of milk?


37. Voltmeter is used for measuring 


38. Galvanometer is used for measuring 


39. Which instrument is used for measuring distance travelled by vehicle?


40. Which is used for measuring speed of motor


41. ___ is type of Echolocation 


42.Which instrument is used for measuring voltage?


43. Ammeter: electric current :: Ohmmeter: ?


44. Which instrument is used for measuring power and speed of wind?


45. Odometer in vehicle measures


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