Physics Topic1 Unit

1.S.I.unit of weight is


2.Unit of momentum is


3.Unit of power in industry is 


4.Unit used for measuring the sound is


5.Light year is the unit of


6.The S.I unit of electric charge is 


7.The S.I unit of resistance is


8.S.I unit of stress is


9.The S.I unit of electric current


10.Match the following

(1) Magnetic flux density     – (a) Tesla

(2) Self inductance               – (b) Weber

(3) Magnetic flux                 – (c) Henry



11.Which unit is equal to unit of energy 


12.Unit of power is known as 


13.Which of the following has no unit


14.Which of the following vector quantity?


15. The unit of ampere second is


16. Gallon is generally used for


17.Which unit is used for measuring Astronomical distance?


18. S.I. unit of pressure is 


19.The unit of approximate distance from the earth to the sun is


20. S.I unit of force is


21.Which of the following is not correctly matched


22. S.I unit of Displacement is


23. S.I unit of voltage is 


24. Ohm is unit of which physical quantity?


25. The S.I unit of ‘g’ is same as


26. Which of the following has same unit?


27. Nm2kg-2 is S.I. unit of



28. Weight has equal S.I. unit of


29.Which of the following pairs does not have the same S.I. units ?


30.The international unit of speed is 


31.Which of the following two physical quantities have the same unit ?


32. m/s-2 is S.I. unit of which of the following ?


33. Which of the following has S.I. unit joule/second?


34. Newton is S.I unit of ?


35. Volt is S.I. unit of ?


36. Which of the following is unit of temperature 


37. Nm-2 is S.I. unit of ?


38. In the given physical quantities which is not a relative quantity?


39. In the following which pair has not same unit ?


40. Ohm-m is unit of ?


41. ____ has S.I. unit ampere?


42. What is the S.I. unit of retardation ?


43.1Pascal =?


44.Match the following

         1.Watt                       –     a) Nm/s

         2.1 Kilowatt              –     b) 3.6×106J

         3.1 Kilowatt hour      –     c) 1000w

         4.1 Horsepower         –     d) 746w


45.What is the S.I. unit of wavelength?


46.Which one of these is a symbol of mole in S.I unit?


47.What is the unit of electric power expenditure?


48. What is the another name for coulomb/second


49.What is the S.I. unit of wave speed ?


50. Sound pollution is measured in 


51. Loudness of sound measured in ?


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