Physics Topic2 Mechanics Work

1.Which of the following only gives magnitude and not direction?


2.Which of the following can do more work?


3.In work


4. A force of 20N displaces an object through 2m and does a work of 20 J. The angle between the force and displacement is


5. A porter raise 12 kg object from surface of earth and put object 1.5 meter above from surface on his head. calculate the work done on object(g = 10 m/s2)


6.If an aeroplane travelled 4000m distance and work done is 20000J. Then force applied on it is


7. The gravitational potential energy of an object at a point above the ground ____ Is defined as the work done in


8. An object of 1kg, raised 10m above the surface of earth then work done by gravitational force will(g= 9.8m/s2)


9. A man raised 20kg object from the surface of earth and put the object 2m above on his head. Calculate the work done by the man is (g= 10m/ s2)


10.When an object move 1m distance by 1N force on the direction of force then work done will


11. Work done by a man standing on a platform holding 10kg suitcase is


12.A 4.0kg object is moving horizontally with a speed of 5.0 m/s. To increase its speed to 10m/s , the amount of net work required to be done on this object is


13. A ball weighing 0.1 kilogram is dropped from a Stationary position when it falls from a distance of 2 meters, then what will be the work done by the force of gravity. 


14. When the force exerted on an object, then the work done will be zero if it has displacement 


15.A boy raises a box with a weight of 120 N through a height of 2 m. The work done by


16. Capacity of doing work is known as


17. If the value of work is positive then the kinetic energy of the body at


18. Which of the following position is no work done?


19.The work done by the force is positive when


20.Which of the following activities can be said to have work done ?


21. A porter lifts 500 N up to a distance of 100 meters work done by the porter is


22. In which of the following work is not done


23.Effciency of work is known as


24. If the work done is zero, then the angle between force and displacement is


25. 20N force is acting on a body, body moves 4 meter in direction of applied force, then work done is


26. A worker takes 15kg object and put the object 1 meter above on his head from the surface of earth. Then work done by the worker is (g= 10ms-2)



27.Work present if there is


28. If displacement is horizontal to the applied force, then work done is


29. Which of the following work done not depend on


30. A worker raise 10kg object from the ground and put 1.2m above on his head then work done is (g= 10ms-2)


31.Work know as


32. The work done by an object is 56J and applied force on object is 7N. find the displacement


33. 10N force is working on an object. object displaced 5m in the direction of applied force, then work done is


34. The work done on an object depends

        A. on displacement

        B. on an angle between force and displacement 

        C. on applied force

        D. on the mass of the object

Which one is correct


35. If force F=0, then work done W=?


36. A porter picks up 12 kg of goods from the ground and places it on his head 1.5 meters above the ground and work on the goods to be done by him.(g= 10ms-2)


37. The force of 25 N is working on an object, that object is removed in the direction of force by 5m, the work done by the force is


38.When a man pushes a wall but fails to displace it, it does?


39. When a person walks 4 meters with a constant force of 12N, the work done by him is


40. Which of the following the work done by a body does not depend on ?


41. The work done is zero with zero


42. To say that the work has been done, two conditions must be completed, one of them is


43. The product of force and displacement is called


44. The work is product of


45. If a stationary force applied to an object, the object moved in the direction of force, is expressed as a result of force and displacement, it is called


46. Work done on a body only when


47. What is the work done if the angle between applied force and the direction of the displacement is 90° ?


48. The ability of an object to do the work energy contained in an object is depend on the


49. A worker takes 10kg of goods from the ground and puts it on 1.1m above the land on his head. what will be the work done by the worker


51. A girl whose weight is 200N, climbs on a tree which height is 2 meter. What was the work done by the girl after climbing the tree? (g=10ms-2)


50. A moving car faces the wind in the opposite direction. What will be the work done by the wind on the car ?


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