Railway Group D GK Test 1

1.Deshbandhu title was given to which freedom fighter?


2.How many Ramsar sites in india?


3.Who is the youngest president of india?


4. Which state has the longest coastline in india?


5. First sitting of Constituent assembly was held on ?


6.The largest solar power plant is located in ?


7. Who was the founder of sikhism?


8. National Unity Day is celebrated in india on 


9.Which of these states has the longest international border ?


10.Which continent is the Giraffe native to?


11.Amir Khusro was the famous poet in the court of


12.What is the currency of Bangladesh called ?


13.The Entomology is the Study of ?


14.In Which state of India is Dogri language is spoken? 


15. Of how many days is a month on Moon?


16.Who is the Last viceroy of india ?


17.Srinagar is situated on the bank of which river ?


18.Who is the Governor general of bengal at the time of bengal divided ?


19.National Aquatic animal of India ?


20. The highest statue of Gautama Buddha has situated in which country  ?


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