1.The Summer capital of Jammu Kashmir is


2.The communal award (separate electorate to depressed Classes) was implemented in India by the act of ?


3.Abhinav Bharat was organised by


4.Who is popularly known as ‘Red Shirts’ ?


5.Babur entered into India in the west from


6.Who was the Constitutional adviser in the Constituent Assembly?


7.Black hole theory was propounded by


8.The political and cultural centre of Pandyas was 


9.The first telegraph line between Calcutta and Agra was opened in 


10.By which Constitutional amendment the state Goa was formed?


11.The battle of Haldighati took place in the year


12.The Earth Summit was first held in


13.Pedology is related to the study of 


14.The Ganges is originates from


15.Which of the following is the longest river in india?


16.The Railway is included in which of the following lists?


17.Who among the following was the first and last woman ruler of Delhi?


18.Which of the following is called Banker’s Bank?


19.Who among the following was the ruler of Kalinga?


20.Which of the following passes through india?


21.Who is the Chairman of Rajya Sabha?


22.The Ghadar Party’s headquarters was located at


23.Nuclear fuel in the sun is


24.Which ruler of the Delhi Sultanate formed a permanent army?


25.Who was on the throne of Delhi Sultanate when Babur invaded India for the first time?


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