1.In the Preamble of the indian constitution the term secularism was added by which amendment?


2.The third world stands for


3.Durgapur steel plant was established with the collaboration of 


4.Which of the following gave the slogan – ‘India for Indians’?


5.The most important city of Sangam period is


6.The Panchsheel Agreement was signed in 


7.The British Government shifted its capital to Delhi from Calcutta in 


8.The International Date Line passes through


9.Who of the following ruled for the longest period?


10.The independence day of USA is celebrated in 


11.The headquarters of International Monetary Fund is located at


12.Nagarjuna Sagar project is situated on the river


13.which planet can float in water?


14.who started Bhakti Movement?


15.Which country the right to equality before law under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution has been taken from


16.Coffee is a plant of the region


17.The ruins of Vijayanagar empire are found in 


18.The landlocked and the deepest port of India is


19.Malavikagnimitra was written by 


20.Subhash Chandra Bose resigned from the congress in 


21.who started the Kuka movement?


22.The Panama Canal connects


23.Arrange the following events :

a) Partition of Bengal

b) Kheda movement

c) Champaran movement

d) Jallianwala bagh tragedy


24.The Panchayat Raj was first introduced in


25. The composer of the epic Ram Charit Manas was the contemporary of 


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