1.Indian Economy is described as a 


2.Chandragupta Maurya embraced the religion ____ during last days of his life? 


3.The first person to reach the North Pole is 


4.The number of Union Territories is 


5.The first to come and last to leave India were


6.Consumer Day is celebrated every year on 


7.The longest Epic is 


8.Who won the battle of Haldighati in 1576?


9.Which of the following is related to Indus valley civilisation?


10.Which of the following is known as mound of the dead?


11.The smallest prime number is 


12.Fundamental Rights are enforceable by 


13.Ozone layer lies in the 


14.Who founded the Gupta empire?


15.Who built the Jama Masjid in New Delhi?


16.The ground of battle of plassey is situated in 


17.India become a republic in 


18.Who propounded the law of Gravitation?


19.The magic mantras are studied in  


20.Who came to India first time during the region of Harshavardhan?


21.Market control system was started by


22.Who invented the doctor’s thermometer ?


23.Lagoon is a 


24.How many languages are included in the constitution of India?


25.In which of the following states alluvial soil is not found?


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