1.Who is competent to amend the fundamental rights?


2.Who is benefited from Inflation?


3.Chandrayaan-I, Indian Moon Mission was launched on 


4.Who among the following controls/supervises the Consolidated fund of India?


5.Which of the following is not a Constitutional arrangement?


6.The first grand slam tennis tournament of the year is 


7.The language of Union Territory of Lakshadweep is


8.In which year did the National congress passed the resolution of total independance?


9.Who formed Harijan Sangh in india?


10.By which Article of the Indian Constitution was untouchability abolished?


11.Which Governor General ended the Sati System?


12.Which state is the chief producer of jute?


13.Which is common in Jainism and Buddhism both?


14.How much does our body contain water by mass?


15.The first summit of SAARC was held at


16.The number which is neither prime nor composite is


17.Ellora caves of Maharashtra were built during the rule of 


18.The famous Kalinga war was fought near


19.World No Tobacco Day is observed on


20.What is the retirement age of the justice of High Court?


21.Who invented the electric battery 


22.Any dispute related to the election of the President is settled by the 


23.Asiatic Society, Calcutta was founded in


24.What is the meaning of the word ‘secular’ ?


25.The tropic of cancer passes through 


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