1.Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?


2.Who threw a bomb at Lord Hardinge?


3.The dance from Garba is associated with which state?


4.Arjuna award is given for


5.The Hirakud Hydroelectric power project is in


6.The founder of ‘Banaras Hindu University’ was


7.Where is Fort William located?


8.Which Prime Minister could NOT prove his majority in Lok Sabha in May 1996?


9.What is the capital of China?


10.Which of the following dances is a solo dance ?


11.How many squares are there in a chess board?


12.Philology is the study of 


13.Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest?


14.The Indian Financial year begins on 


15.The Cheapest mode of transport in india is


16.Which is the known as Garden City of India?


17.Who was the first captain of Indian Test cricket team?


18.Amir Khusro was the court poet of


19.Who was Known as Sister Nivedita?


20.The Supreme Court was set up under


21.What is the minimum age prescribed for a candidate for election of Vice President?


22.Arrange in proper chronological order:

I. Harshavardhana

II. Samudragupta

III. Chandragupta I

IV.Rajendra Chola I


23.Who was also known as Siddhartha?


24.The currency of South Africa is


25.Which of the following ports does not have a natural harbour?


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