1.When was decimal system introduced in the coinage system of India?


2.Goa was liberated from Portugal in ?


3.Which amongst the following ports is a free-trade zone?


4. Where is Ranthambore Tiger Reserve located?


5.The first lady Chief Minister in India was


6.Upanishads are books on 


7. Who started the Iqtadari system?


8. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was not related to 


9.Fundamental Duties in the constitution have been added by 


10.The Head of the Council of Ministers in the state is


11.Nilgiri is a part of 


12. Gun Powder is a mixture of 


13.Where did Gautama Buddha preach his first sermon?


14.Study of Sound is called?


15.The National Sports of the U.S.A is ?


16.SAARC is an organisation of _____ countries?


17.Which of the following is a land locked country ?


18.When did Alexander the great invaded India ?


19. In which year was the third Battle of Panipat fought ? 


20.At the equator the duration of a day is 


21.The famous Wall Street is in 


22.The new name of the Mesopotamia?


23.Insulin is produced in


24.Where is Dilwara temple located ? 


25.When was the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?



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