1.The governor of a state in india is responsible to


2.The first woman to climb on Mount Everest was


3.Which foreigner was given Bharat Ratna in 1990?


4.Where is the National Defence Academy located?


5.The Grand Trunk Road was laid by


6.India is the largest producer of 


7. Soil Erosion is caused by


8.Which day is observed as World Tourism day?


9.President of India is a member of 


10.The Indian Constitution came into force?


11.Which Article in the Indian constitution empowers the President to dissolve the Lok Sabha?


12.Which among the following is the oldest mountain series?


13.Sangeet Natak Academy was established in the year?


14. During which Dynasty, Mahabalipuram temple was constructed?


15. In which mountain series kodaikanal is situated? 


16.The main aim of First Five Year Plan was?


17.Who founded Ramakrishna Mission?


18.Cholera is caused by?


19.Pataliputra was the capital of 


20.Monazite is an ore of 


21.The rupee-coin was first minted in India during the rule of 


22.The first electric railway was opened in 


23.When does the moon come between the sun and the earth?


24.Why is Raniganj famous for


25. In which state is “silent valley” is located ?


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