1.Indian Sugar Research Institute is situated at


2.Shivaji was declared as king in the year


3.The Study of Fruits is called


4.Sunda Trench is situated at 


5.From which dynasty king Ashoka is related?


6.English Education in india was introduced by


7.Mansabdari system was introduced in Mughal administration by 


8.Which one of the chola kings conquered Sri Lanka?


9.Which of the following vitamins can be stored in the liver?


10.The Elephanta waterfall is situated in 


11.When was Nagaland formed a state?


12. Saffron is produced in


13.Nasik is situated at the bank of


14.Horse latitude is between 


15.The Yellowness of milk is due to


16.Which gas is used in the tyres of aeroplanes?


17.Saka era was started in 


18.The island between India and Sri Lanka


19.The great bath of Indus valley civilisation was found at


20.A ship enters into sea from a river, the water level


21.The Central Leather Research Institute is situated at 


22.Loktak lake is situated in which state ?


23.Who gave the slogan Inquilab Zindabad ?


24.Which of the following is chiefly present in LPG?


25.The tenure of the members of Rajya Sabha is


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