1.The Ajanta caves were built during the period of 


2.Who among the following belonged to the Moderate group of the Indian National Congress?


3. Who introduced the Permanent Settlement in Bengal?


4.Raja Rammohan Roy was the founder of


5.The first Civil Disobedience Movement was started by Gandhiji after the 


6.The first surgical transplant of the human heart was performed by


7.The compound that does not form a clear solution with water is


8.DDT is the name of a chemical that can be used as an


9.Ampicillin is used as an


10.Mountain soil contains a lot of 


11.”Sick Man of Europe” is the nick-name for


12.Which metal is most abundantly found on the earth’s surface?


13.Which of the following is an example of seasonal winds?


14.Which article of the constitution provides the Parliament the power to amend Constitution?


15.Money Bill can be introduced only in the


16.Which game is associated with Durand Cup?


17.The decimal currency system started in india from?


18.The first Test tube baby of the world was born in


19.Buland Darwaza is located at 


20.When was the Planning commission set up?


21.The unit of luminous efficiency of an electric bulb is 


22.Which one of the following organ is responsible for the water balance of the human body?


23.Sphygemomanometer is used to test


24.Which British Governor-General introduced Postage Stamp in India?


25.Mahatma Gandhi was referred to ‘Father of Nation’ first by


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