1.In Rajasthan(Mount Abu) famous for Jain temples is know for  


2.The United Nation Organisation was formed on 


3.The Executive in India is directly responsible to the 


4.In history the Chola rulers are famous for which type of administration?


5.Chanakya was known by the name of 


6.Mettur dam is situated on the river 


7.Who first deciphered the Ashokan inscriptions?


8.In which Satyagraha movement of Mahatma Gandhi women participated most?


9.who administers the Union Territory?


10.The headquarter of Asian Development Bank is in


11.The number of schedules in Indian Constitution?


12.Which of the following Persons did not come to india ?


13.Which of these is the largest railway zone?


14.There are how many States and Union Territories in India?


15.”Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it “. Who gave this slogan?


16.The southernmost end of the Union of India lies in 


17.Which place in India receives minimum rainfall?


18.What is inflation?


19.How many countries are members of the UNESCO ?


20.Which of the following years is referred to as Great Divide in Indian demography?


21.In which of the following sectors maximum work force is engaged in india?


22.who is regarded as the “Father of Modern Olympics”?


23.Who was the first Chairman of Rajya Sabha?


24.Which of the following wave length is the most effective in photosynthesis?


25.Cow milk is a rich source of 


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