1.Mahmud of Ghazni attacked India first in the year


2.Who was the first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress?


3.At which of the following place did Mahavira, the Jain Tirthankara die?


4.Hari Sena was the poet-laureate of


5.Who shot dead General Dyer to take revenge of the Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy?


6.Which of the following is not a feature of indian constitution ?


7.Who was the first to give the idea of Pakistan?


8.Who founded the Servants of India Society in 1905?


9.The Tajmahal was designed by 


10.The formation of council of ministers starts with the appointment of 


11.Nobody can become a member of the Rajya Sabha until he/she attains the age of 


12.The normal tenure of a Governor is 


13.Buland Darwaza is associated with which of the following bulidings?


14.The Konkan Coast stretches between


15.Who elects the speaker of the Lok Sabha?


16.Who started the Jnanpith Award?


17.Give the correct Chronological order:

A. Communal Award

B. Simon Commission

C. First Round Table Conference

D. Gandhi-Irwin Pact


18.Vaccination is invented by 


19.The Chief Justice and other judges of the High Court retire at the age of


20.Emerald is formed of 


21.Dr.S.Radhakrishnan was


22.Who is known as Gandhi of Bihar? 


23.Who founded the Satya Shodhak Samaj ?


24.The Right of Constitutional Remedies has been enshrined in the article


25.Which of the following state’s boundary does not touch Myanmar?


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