This questions are very important for upcoming RRB group d and Ntpc CBT 2 , we provide are repeatedly asked questions in previous years

1. The unit of capacitance is?


2. Positron was coined by ?


3. The volume of water is minimum at ?


 4. Escape velocity of the Earth is?


5. Which of these fruits is not rich in Vitamin C?


6. Which was the first element to be artificially produced?


7. Which of these is an essential component of most acids?


8. Which of these is essential to keep bones strong in the body?


9. What does CO stands for?


10. Which of these medical conditions is classified into Type-1 and Type-2?


11. Which of the following disease is not caused by Bacteria?


12. What is the Centre of an Atom called? 


13. From which one of the following chambers of human heart is the

      oxygenated blood pumped into aorta?


14. Mineral impurities in blood is removed by ?


15. Galvanizing is coating iron with?


16. The S.I unit of heat is?


17. Relative humidity is measured by?


18. The constituents of German silver are?


19. In an electric Kettle, water becomes hot by ?


20. Alloys like brass and bronze are example of which kind of mixture?



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