1. Sulphur dioxide is an example of?


2. The reverberation of sound in a hall results due to continued ?


3. First organic compound prepared in the laboratory was?


4. The chemical name of vitamin B1 is ?


5. The process by which solids are transformed directly into the vapour state is know as ?


6. Ribosome’s main activity is


7. Synovial fluid is found in the


8. The donor of AB blood group can donate to recipient of blood group ?


9. Filariasis is a disease caused by ?


10. Lack of vitamin B complex causes ?


11. Leukemia is a form of ?


12. What is the formula of Sodium Zincate?


13. The magnitude of a vector is never ? 


14. The force of attraction or repulsion between charges follows ?



15. Bronze is an alloy. Its constituents are ?


16. Which of following gases was commonly used in the past in refrigeration?


17. What is the directional growth movement of a plant part in response to the touch of an object called?


18. Who discovered the fact that – “An electric current produce a circular magnetic field as it flows through a wire”?


19. Dry ice is


20. If there is no Atmosphere the sky would appear in?


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