Railway group d science questions 5


1.Seaweeds are important source of ?


2. Which cells in our body have the least regenerative power?


3. The cells which are responsible for the production of antibodies are ?


4. A man is affected by malaria, he will feel deficiency of ?


5. The shape of red blood corpuscles is ? 


6. Which organ of human body has the largest number of bones?


7. Dr. Har Gobind Khorana was honoured with Nobel prize of Medicine?


8. Which of the following pollutants are inhaled by a traffic constable?


9. An air bubble in water behaves as ?


10. In an organic compound, which element is generally present in addition to hydrogen?


11. What is the source of electric energy in an artificial satellite?


12. Newton/kg is a unit of ?   


13. The cooling agent in a refrigeration is ? 


14. The heaviest metal among the following is ?


15.The SI unit of the specific resistance is ?


16. The two elements having unequal number of electrons but same atomic mass are called ?


17. At Kelvin scale , the normal temperature of human body is ?


18.Which of the following pollutes the air of big cities?


19. In human body the ratio of red blood corpuscles and white blood corpuscles is?


20. Echo is heard when the reflecting surface is ?


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