Railway group d science questions 6


1. The velocity of sound does not depend on ?


2. The laws concerning the motion of planets were suggested by ? 


3. Michael faraday discovered ?


4. Who developed the small pox vaccination ?


5. Which of the following is a non-magnetic material ?


6. Which of the following is good conductor of electricity?


7. Which of the following is inert gas?


8. Solder is an alloy of ?


9. Match the following

       a) Dynamite            –  1) F.C.Hopkins

       b) Electrolysis         –  2) Thomas Edison

       c) Gramophone       –  3) Faraday

       d) Vitamin               –  4) Alfred Nobel


10. Which of the following is gases is used to fill the tyres of aeroplanes ?


11. Which of the following is called a blood bank ?


12. When sound waves are propagated they transfer  ?


13. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?


14. The energy stored in a dry cell is ?


15. Quinine is obtained from ?


16. Which of the following is always found in free state of nature?


17. Which of the following law does not relate to gases?


18. The drug most widely tried against AIDS virus is?


19. By increasing the number of turns in the coils the strength of the magnetic field ?


20. Gel, starch, protein are examples of ?


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