1.The metal used in storage battery is


2. A current flowing through a conductor is ?


3.Petroleum is converted into a variety of products through the process of ?


4. One dioptre of power of a lens ?


5. The upward thrust experienced by a floating in water is equal to?


6. Lead Pencil contains?


7. Which gas is used in flash lamps and lasers?


8. Mumps is viral disease that causes inflammation of?


9. A steam engine converts?


10. It is difficult to walk on ice because of?


11. Wool contains?


12. Acids turn blue litmus into?


13. The largest organ of the human body is?


14. The SI unit of average velocity is?


15. Red blood corpuscles are formed in the?


16. Which metal can be cut by a knife ?


17. Widal test is used for susceptibility of?


18. Typhoid and Cholera are typical example of?


19. Which is the gas used for producing a hot flame for welding?


20. Duodenum is a part of?


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