RRB Group d Science test 7

1. Which of the following is not caused by refraction of light?


2. Radioactivity is a property of


3. The electric generator converts


Match the following :

        Diseases              Affected Organs

 a)Tuberculosis      –  1)  Spinal cord

 b) Plague              – 2) Eye

 c) Tetanus             – 3) Lungs

 d) Trachoma         – 4) Lymph nodes


5. The chemical matter that prevents blood clotting is


6. The rainbow is formed by


7. The hydraulic brake used in automatic vehicles


9. Test tube baby means


9.The positive end of battery is called


10. Which of the following is present in atmosphere?


11. The largest phase in cell division is


12. In Ionic solid, the velocity of electricity is


13. Which type of protein is found in virus?


14. Photosynthesis does not take place in


15. Oil rises up to wick in a lamp because


16. Mention the ray which appears to originate outside the earth


17. Supersonic jets cause pollution by thinning of


18. Which one of the following is commonly called edible sponge mushroom?


19. Which of the following gases is used to prepare Ammonia gas?


20. What is gypsum ?


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