RRB Group D Science Test 8

1. Silk is produced by


2. The steam was invented by


3. The injection of anti-toxin is given to prevent


4. Rate of evaporation does not depend upon


5. Which element is found in haemoglobin ?


6. Which of the following disease cannot be cured?


7. Cobalt- 60 is commonly used in radiation therapy because it exits?


8. On which scientific principle ‘endoscopy’ works ?


9. The S.I unit of electric field intensity is


10. The energy of a man sitting in a moving train is


11. Who propounded the theory of DNA synthesis ?


12. The absorber of neutron in a nuclear reactor is


13. Nose starts bleeding when one climbs up mountain due to


14. The velocity of γ rays is


15. The chemical behavior of an atom is determined by its


16. The rate of change of momentum is proportional to


17. The gravitational force of attraction between the sun and earth is balanced by


18. Piezometer is used to measure


19. One watt is equal to


20. Radiation can be detected by


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